Day 11: If there’s one thing I can recommend about India it is this: come here as a GUEST, not as a tourist. These people’s hospitality is remarkable, and if you know only one person when you come, there’s no need to worry, as there’ll always be a brother or a friends or a neighbor’s distant aunt whose son has a colleague whose daughter in law knows somebody in whichever place you want to go to:)

Day 11 (P.S.): The king in Jaipur does a once a year offering of free food to the people around. My day 11 was that day. So we had food from the king, cooked and served by his servants. Too cool.

Day 12: Camels. Sunset in the desert. Cold, very cold. Cuddled around the fire, with great food in our laps: ‘Mr Desert, tell us a desert story!”. “Oh… no desert story… but how about the story of Mr Desert?’. M-A-G-I-C-A-L! Sunrise and chai in the desert. Cold, very cold. Magical!


Day 14: Sunrise over the blue city – Jodhpur – exquisite view from the fort. Chai in the garden. Palace. Fort. Sunset over the blue city. Dinner by the fire.

Day 15: Special day – Robin & Shikha’s engagement. Oh, but how much fun!:) Congrats and all the best of the best!:)


Day 16: Definition of pedicure: a really good foot wash =)).Great evening tho – sitar performance by Meenakshi – lovely!

Day 17: All about Lord Krishna today – Mathura, Gokuldham, Iskcon. Interesting to say the least. Also, managed to reach an impressive 17 people in an auto – and when i thought there could be no more, the 18th jumpedon and grabbed tight. Awesomeness. Key word: Squuueeezzzeee :D:D Life is good!!

Day 18: Must have been under Indian sun for too long and gone completely insane this time, cause i did the unthinkable – i put Indian cow urine in my hair!!! Yes, they do package it as ‘hair tonic’, and yes, it might be holy, but we’ve got to face it, it’s still cow urine. And it does smell as bad as it sounds… And now i’m even writing about it… Oh boy, this is bad…:p

Day 20: After planes, trains, buses, jeeps, cars, autos, scooters, rickshaws, carts and camels, spent the last 350km on a motorcycle… and all that’s left to say is this: OH DEAR LORD, BUT HOW MY BUTT HURTS!!!